JUBKA is unique. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and specially made, with its own history and life-story. All of the pieces do have one thing in common, though:
They have been “upcycled” from salvaged antique furniture. They are made from local Latvian hardwoods that are both hardy and warm to the touch. Also, the union of fabric and natural wood are a quintessential part of each piece.


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Amusing Elsa is made from hi-grade plywood and light, airy floral cloth. Lowered onto the feet and frame of a 1950’s ottoman, it has a restored oak veneer drawer. The fabric was purchased in Riga, while the legs and drawers are from Valmiera, one of Latvia’s most beautiful cities. The drawer is likely to have been from a 1920’s pharmacy or a similar store expo piece, as unobtrusive drill holes show that each drawer had once been labeled. Perhaps it once contained something very delicious! The drawers were all that was left of this piece of furniture, when they were purchased at a rural barn sale.



 When you buy a piece by JUBKA, you will improve the urban environment. 

All of the materials and off-cuts from our manufacturing process will be transformed into bright, sturdy public benches for the suburbs of Riga.

Sreet Ieriķu 37, Riga

Our Space

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 We make all JUBKA furniture by hand in our workshop. It is located in Riga in the territory of the former VEF electronics factory.

Our expo room is located next to the workshop. To come meet us and have a closer look at our furniture, please schedule an appointment.

If you have a wardrobe chest that is falling apart, or a chair with a broken leg, we will happily adopt your broken furniture so that it can be resurrected as a new creation by JUBKA. The life-story of each piece of furniture brought in to us is carefully noted and passed on to the new owner.

Please visit our facebook page to be informed about occasional events that take place at our expo room.


About Us

 JUBKA is a story about being together...
Several years ago, when carpenter Didzis Breidaks met costume designer Ieva Veita, an idea was born. And so began the union of supple fabric and sturdy wood...

As a costume designer for contemporary theater, fabric design and research is Ieva’s passion and daily work. On the other hand, Didzis has many years of experience working with custom carpentry projects, often with ornate and non-standard joinery or very specialized solutions for restoration.

As a natural consequence of living and working together, combining both interests and skills, JUBKA was born.



 E-mail: jubka@jubka.net

PR and sales: Ginta Bormane (+371) 29 428 064

Didzis Breidaks (+371) 28 366 135

Ieva Veita (+371) 25 985 151


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The JUBKA project was begun with the support of “Brigade,” which is organized by the Center for Contemporary Art in collaboration with the Soros Foundation Latvia. Financing was provided by the Open Society Foundations.

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